Andrew Perchlik and wife

“The hardest thing about any political campaign is how to win without proving that you are unworthy of winning.” 

- Adlai E. Stevenson

As your State Senator I will actively work for Washington County to:

Smart Economic Development:

  • Build our clean energy economy
  • Strengthen and support our local small businesses
  • Attract and support a vibrant young workforce by ensuring access to paid family leave and high quality, affordable child care for all Vermonters
  • Grow our agricultural and forest economies

Ensure that Central Vermont is the best place to live, work and raise a family:

  • Increase affordable housing
  • Improve health care
  • Support our most vulnerable citizens
  • Advocate for the County’s smaller towns
  • Focus on making collective progress towards prosperity

Build a stronger transportation network:

  • Work to bring passenger rail to the Waterbury-Montpelier-Barre corridor

Support public engagement and civility:

  • Improve our elections
  • Model civil discourse

My Vision

My campaign for Washington County Senate is not about "winning". Most importantly it is about the work I am committing to do, as your elected Senator, for the citizens of Washington County, for our communities, and for our State. It is a campaign about getting elected, yes, but it is also about how we discuss politics and engage in elections.

When electoral campaigns are about winning they cannot avoid being equally about losing. When faced with the possibility of losing many choose not to participate or convince themselves, and others, that the ends justify the means necessary to win. Despite the many benefits of sports, when elections are held in our discourse as sporting events, or worse, as battles among opponents, the result is deleterious to our democracy and our ability to have civil productive discussions and debates about politics and policies. For this reason my campaign is about being elected, not about winning a race or battling opponents.

The responsibility of being a State Senator should be given to candidates chosen by the voters and not treated as something candidates wrestle away from opponents and lord over others as a personal triumph. I do not consider the other candidates in this election my opponents, they are just different candidates with their own proposals on what they would do if elected State Senator. My campaign will not work to discredit their campaigns, but to communicate with the people of Washington County what I would do as their State Senator. To that end, here is a starting list of the work I'm committing to be active engaged in as your State Senator:

Fill out the contact form on this web site and let me know what issue is most important to you, your town, and/or to Washington County.

My Professional Experience:

  • Director of Vermont’s Clean Energy Development Fund
  • Founding Executive Director of Vermont’s renewable energy trade association, Renewable Energy Vermont
  • Board Member of the Solar Rating Certification Corporation's Board and the ICC's Renewable Energy Advisory Council

My Experience In Service:


  • The Vermont Community Loan Fund, Board of Directors


  • Marshfield Volunteer Fire Department (2000 - 2013)
  • Elected to the Marshfield Selectboard (2014 - 2017, Chair for 2 years)
  • Chittenden Bank's and People's United Bank's Socially Responsible Banking Advisory Boards
  • Marshfield Town Energy Committee
  • Marshfield Justice of the Peace
  • Peace Corps Volunteer - Environmental Education, Republic of Panama
  • VISTA Volunteer - Weatherization and Fuel Assistance, Addison County, VT
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