Andrew Perchlik

Washington County State Senate
Get involved

I am asking for your vote to represent Washington County in the State Senate. I promise to work for you, and with you, to bring all the eighteen towns and two cities of Washington County together for prosperity.

Civic engagement is the great opportunity of freedom that I have been involved in throughout my life. For the last 20 years I worked to develop a local independent renewable energy economy for the benefit of all Vermonters, a cleaner environment, and a stable climate. I served on the Selectboard (two years as Chair), and as a member of the Volunteer Fire Department, in the town of Marshfield, participating first hand in town governance, elections, and public safety.

As a Vermont VISTA volunteer in Project Warm Winter when I moved to Vermont, I visited families and elders struggling through the winter without adequate fuel, insulation, or adequate support to pay their heating bills. That experience keeps me dedicated to advocating for those struggling at society's edge. I also served as a volunteer in the US Peace Corps working with the people in rural Panama witnessing a community trying to recover from a violent dictatorship, war, and the lasting ecological impacts of poor forest, water, and soil management. They taught me the great value that a healthy local community and a strong local economy has towards increasing the quality of life for all of a community's residents.

I wholeheartedly embrace the understanding that our community is created by our individual engagement and our collective impact. I am ready and eager to step forward as your engaged Senator, actively working for the residents of Washington County and together with those that are also offering their service towards creating more prosperous communities across the County and Vermont.